Jessica Fiorini's Portfolio
Design Process
I approach each project from the user's point-of-view to build an experience that provides agency, enjoyment and creativity.
  1. Paper Prototype
    Paper Prototype
    Quick and inexpensive paper prototyping is crucial to identify possible challenges in the interaction and mechanic design.
  2. Wireframe and Diagram
    Wireframe and Diagram
    Design requires effective communication of the idea. Experience flows and precedent research are used to deliver a holistic view of the concept.
  3. Research
    Precedent is collected to inspire and focus design concepts.
  1. Digital Prototype
    Digital Prototype
    Quickly move to a digital prototype to rapidly iterate on design.
  2. Playtest
    Frequent playtests ensures quality of experience along with quality of final project.
  3. Document
    A final concept document is created to capture all the findings during the initial phase.